5,000 Miles Journey of a Keyboard

A couple of weeks ago my buddy Joost de Valk tweeted the following message:

Ok who can tell me where I can get a DiNovo Edge Mac edition in Holland? It's frustrating to click Adwords ads and find just the pc edition.

I know how frustrating it can be, you want to have a new gadget but you are not able to get it in The Netherlands. So I tweeted:

@yoast you need me to buy it in the US, and deliver to the NL?

So started a short conversation how we would get the keyboard from A to B.

@TheNextCorner seems like that would be a good solution... Amazon doesn't ship it to Europe... When are you here next?

@yoast my wife is traveling next week on Monday. She would be able to mail it to you...

@TheNextCorner 😀 that'd make my day :) DM me your PayPal and tell me what it'll cost :)

And so started a 5,000 miles journey of a designer DiNovo Edge for Mac keyboard across the world.Keyboard-5000-mile-journey 001

Eventually, it was not my wife but one of my colleagues, Chae, who took the keyboard as hand luggage to The Netherlands.

Keyboard-5000-mile-journey 002Keyboard-5000-mile-journey 003

Keyboard-5000-mile-journey 004a

He gave it to Luke, another colleague at Marktplaats, who finally had a coffee with Joost to deliver the keyboard.

Keyboard-5000-mile-journey 005Keyboard-5000-mile-journey 007

The new set up of Joost looks really sweet. I’m looking forward to all the new plug ins for WordPress and the radio shows he will deliver through this new keyboard.

Keyboard-5000-mile-journey 008

The 5,000 miles journey of this keyboard would have never happened without Twitter. Maybe Joost and I would have talked over Skype or chatted through IM, or even over email and the subject would come up, but I highly doubt it.