3 post you must read from Shoemoney

I’m a loyal reader of both Problogger.net as also Shoemoney.com. The first to learn as much as I can, which I already described in my last post, the second for the same reason and the entertainment value. Shoe is one of those people that make it more fun to work in this industry. Next to that it’s impressive how successful he has been by focusing on the right aspects, industry en being creative of driving more traffic to his sites.

Just recently he interviewed Seth Godin, and I can only say that you must hear the podcast to fully understand how good his insights are.

Still, today I was reading a blogpost on Shoemoney.com, but I got distracted big time. The post was really good, and the links are a must read of old posts from Shoe. But clearly the picture in the sidebar must have received a huge click through rate!


The stories which are a must read are:

  1. I Used To Be Fat - written May 14th 2006
  2. Why You Should Embrace Negative Press - written Feb 21st 2008
  3. Worst Ideas To Make Money - written Sept 4th 2006

Now go read the original post, and don’t get distracted! ShoeMoney.com Must Reads (IMO)